Vital ICE App

Lifesaving Patient Information

Vital ICE communicates with EMS when you are unable to.

What Is The Vital ICE App?

Vital ICE is the premier In Case of Emergency app that helps save lives. Free for download, this public safety app locally stores user medical information, emergency contacts and more, and can be easily accessed by EMS and first responders in situations where the user is unable to speak or is otherwise incapacitated. First responders are given access to our back office site, where they can send emergency communications and other alerts to local app users.

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App Features

  • Robust database of user-provided medical information, and easily accessible by emergency first responders.
  • FREE download for iOS and Android devices keeps this app accessible to the masses, not the classes.
  • First aid treatment protocol for 16 common emergencies, which provides assistance when EMS is not present.
  • Dependent information can also be listed, providing EMS with additional family information in certain situations.
  • Call 911 and sound an audible alarm from within the app, saving first responders time in locating the patient.
  • User's medical information can be emailed to any email address, which can assist in communication with ER's.
  • Receive important push notifications from participating EMS/FD, which can provide important local emergency instructions when needed.
  • Backup/Restore data to user's Dropbox account keeps data from having to be re-entered after upgrades.
  • Send a text message to emergency contacts with user's location on a map, which alerts them that user has been involved in an emergency and to call 911.
  • Create a custom wallpaper / lock screen image with vital health information overlay, saving time for first responders in locating user's medical information.
  • Photo of insurance cards keeps them handy for medical personnel.
  • Schedule medication, physician, and immunization reminders, both recurring and one-time.

Message From Clutter Funeral & Cremation

“We, at Clutter Funeral & Cremation, are making this app available to everyone in the community regardless of age. A person doesn’t have to be elderly to have a medical condition. This app has value to a diabetic, epileptic or heart patient. We think the application has value to parents and in-home care providers because the info for several people can be listed in one app. We think Vital ICE has value to anyone on a medication or with a life-threatening allergy. Because we believe it has value in this community, it is our gift back to our community. Take a moment to download the app to see for yourself.” – Jonathan Clutter Licensed Funeral Director

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Click here to download our Vital ICE Setup Guide.

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