If this were my last day, how would my Obituary read?

The following forms are available as Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)* files for you to download. Please call (304) 472-2311 if you have any questions about filling them out. For your convenience, you can print and complete the forms and either drop it off to us or fax it to us at (304) 472-2311.

If this were my last day, how would my Obituary read? How would I answer the following questions?

Did I dream richly?

Did I live fully and take chances?

Did I learn to let go?

Did I love unconditionally?

Did I treat the Earth kindly?

My hope is that the answers to these questions will help us all live with more Joy, Passion, and Authenticity! If we think about it, we're really not here that long. So, today is a chance to start living more of our potential.

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